PTZ Issues at Niles West High School

Illustrating multiple problems with PTZ control.

Cams: NewTek NDI|HX2
PTZ Controller: Lumens VS-KB30
Network Switch: Planet GS-4210-8P2T2S
All data between these devices goes directly through the Switch, and there is no other hardware on this switch besides TriCaster. All gear is isolated from the building network.

Cameras often don’t react immediately to PTZ commands. Joystick needs to be moved several times, and/or to its full range, to get cam to react. Once it does, operator runs the risk of overshoot (cam continues to move on the last trajectory, even after operator lets go of the joystick). In the case of overshoot, operator has difficult time regaining control of the camera… no input from the PTZ controller will get the camera to stop its movement, often to the extreme end of the range of movement. In some cases, cam needs to be restarted because control NEVER comes back.

Within these clips you’ll see how long it can take to get the camera to respond, how hesitant and slow its moves are, blatant overshoots, and how long it takes to regain control. This is all from the Preview channel at a live event recording; note how many times an opportunity to get a solo, an announcement, or “that perfect shot” are blown because of how long it takes to position the camera.

Lost opportunities like this have happened in Program multiple times since we first reported this issue in October/November 2021, during both recordings and livestreams.

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